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SCHEDULE】 4/12~4/26 OKI&沼澤尚 DUOツアー、4/23 OKI DUB AINU BAND@元住吉POWERS2


【NEWS】OKIデザインの新作WENKO Tシャツ通販開始🎉 



Release new digital single「ANKISMA KA KA 2020」on OCT.2

アルバム『Utarhythm』(2016)収録の「Ankisma kaa ka(Ride on snow)」のニューヴァージョンをデジタル配信限定リリース
マルチ管楽器プレイヤーのYOKAN氏が参加し、ホーンセクションと歌を新たにオーバーダブした2020 mixです‼️
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This tune is  a new version of 「Ankisma kaa ka(Ride on snow)」from album『Utarhythm』(2016) with horn sections and vocals.It’s going to be released on 2.Oct as the second digital single for the band on bandcamp.


Release new digital single「Sonkayno」on august.7

2020年7月にスタートしたNetflixオリジナルドラマ『呪怨:呪いの家』 のエンディングテーマ曲として話題騒然
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Sonkay no
Sonkay no
Akina kus
Harar so so


Traditional Ainu song.
This is a game for four people. Two people sit face-to-face with a trap rope between them and some sweets in the loop of the trap. One person holds each end of the rope. Two more people pretend to be mice—a parent and child. The parent mouse and the little mouse tickle the knees of the people holding the rope in order to distract them. In the meantime, they try to catch the sweets in the circle. If the people pull the rope quick enough and the mice are caught, the parent and child mice lose.